Saturday, November 13, 2010

Let Go!

Let go, let go of the sorrows,
That you’ve sewed to your life,
Open the closed doors,
And bring happiness to your heart and mind.

Just let it go anyway, 
As there is no other way,
Let the May come in and sort the disarray,
The day is just like a lane,
Don’t let it go in vain.

The matter is surely mysterious,
But let us know our needs,
Shower in the pure and azure,
As you combine your heart and soul,
And just let it go on a roll.

Now, we are somewhere,
Where there was nobody to care,
But now sorrows have replaced joy,
As you let go and revivify.

A Time Will Come

Oceans and seas flow over me,
Winds and clouds blow over me,
Birds are melodious on the tree;
Your life is nothing without me.

You need me, just as I need you,
You’re just like my kids,
I fulfill all your needs,
And help you breed.

But now your time is up,
You’ve taken a lot from me,
My little world is coming to an end,
And my dwellers are nearly extinct.

Now the time has come,
You’ll pay for all your deeds,
As everything will be destroyed,
And this lively planet will cease to breath.