Friday, June 20, 2014

LOVE to shop but HATE to pay!!!

Finally after months i managed to gather enough courage to step out of house with my feet trembling. My sister was forcing me to give her a company, and for an hour or so my answer was same.....NO. I didn't want to give her a company because i knew that my trip outside would haunt for nights to come. But then i made up my mind and decided to face the most dreadful fears of all eternity.....SHOPPING!!!!!!

 Like any other girl i love to go shopping but but when it comes to clothes for me its supposed to be ""love at first sight""dress. and trust me when i say this: love at first sight dresses NEVER fit in the budget. And that my friends is the saddest part. when you see beautiful golden net anarkalli with royal blue velvet and meticulous embroidery and stone work, your heart is sure to melt. Then comes the amazing heel shoes with shine and stone but the price is no less than Rs.3000. at the next store you come in direct line of sight of a beautiful red net sari which has black velvet as border lace and beautifully crafted jewelry that covers your entire neck with long, shiny, dangling ear rings which call out to you and after winning the greatest battle inside yourself, you approach the store only to get a heartache, you only crave to touch it once before letting it go away for ever. In order to still maintain your pride you give a very common excuse,"no, i don't really like it. may be the next store has something good to offer. let's go." and with a very very heavy heart you step out of the store. 
but in the end when you return home you decide 'I'm never ever going to shop.' but a girl is a girl. we always break this promise. But we sure do compromise. I hate that but can't stay without new stuff!!

Though this time i was lucky. We headed to shop for my sister but i wasn't spared from the wrath of awe raising beautiful dresses with those extremely evil price tags. But i'm sure when one day i'll earn, i'll spend it all on those amazing garments. Sadly i'll have to wait for almost 6 years :(    

If only i could get some fairy dust i would sprinkle it on those price tags and vanish all those big big numbers or reduce them to barely a rupee or two. And then i could shop my heart out. All the ladies out there......don't you feel the same?????