Friday, June 21, 2013

Reliance - A truly Digital Exprience

This is a very different post contrary to all the other posts that I've ever written on this blog. The reason being very simple. Reliance Digital Experience in association with Indiblogger.

The Reliance Digital Store that my sister chose for me and herself was located in Infinity Mall, Malad(W). Both my college and classes are going on and the schedule is very tight and this outing was something that rejuvenated me. Unfortunately I couldn't meet the other blogger friends of my sister as they visited prior to me. But then again we were lucky enough to be back home on time as it rained cats and dogs that evening.

Moving on, the store itself was awesome. The array of technology displayed at each corner of the store was something I liked. Me not being more of a gadget freak also loved that there were so many options to browse through.

There were ranges of laptops, mobile phones, tablets, accessories that adorned the start of the store and that is where I first saw. Though the Power Aisle was something I saw upon entering it was not something that interested me much so my focus re-shifted back to the telecom and technology aisle. <Maybe age has to do with it, home appliances and ways :D>

Some of the brands  that were put on display were HP, lenovo, Dell, ReConnect, Samsung etc. Not only were the laptops on display but also the advantages of Windows 8 over others. This is what I found really informative and helpful.

Moving further on the right hand side I noticed that there were various LCD TV's that were on display. This was the electronics section that included various television sets that the customer can buy depending on his budget and brand of preference.

Once this was done I moved further, exploring the gaming section, the camera section and the home appliances area. These were three different areas but located strategically back to back. The home appliances section included the washing machines, to refrigerators and even trimmers. Wow everything under one roof. Wonderful isn't it :)

With this I thought that my tour of the store was over but no, I was in for a shock when I came to know that this store even housed the Reliance Time Out Corner that included an awesome collection of movies, music, novels, kids supplies and gift articles. Seriously everything under one roof. Also this is the only bookstore in the whole mall. Again an awesome thing. The movie collection was superb according to me.

Finally after almost an hour we bid our bye to the store and left for our home with rains also as an added companion. Truly, this was one of the most amazing experiences of my life.
All made possible courtesy Reliance Digital and Indiblogger.

This post has been written for The Reliance Digital Experience powered by Indiblogger

P.S:  Since we did not have a camera, I have taken the snaps clicked by Vaisakhi Di. Thanks a lot di for clicking them :)

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Modern Healthcare Healing Lives

We started with savage human beings with raw meat as the major supply in the form of food. But times have changed. Today food is not the same as it was ages ago. Today even in the remotest streets of the world there a huge variety that one can find. Not just food, but our lifestyle and technology too have changed. The world we live in is full of marvels and awe raising inventions. But with it, the surroundings and environment has evolved a lot. Today we may have eradicated the threats to human life but we have created some slow but deadly killers to live amongst us and our health is the most vulnerable to these killers.
Once small pox was deadly. If a person contracted it he was sure to die. But do you hear of small pox cases now? No that’s because its roots were eradicated. Today we have vaccines for diseases ranging from less harmful to extremely fatal when considered their impacts on average human’s health. Today surgeries have become far more modernized than they were before with modern and advanced equipment's  in fact in complicated surgeries where human hand is unreliable, robots are used. Medical science has evolved to such extent that one can have access to various types of medicines. When once there were only Ayurveda and Unani medicines in field now there are medicines like allopathic, homeopathic, etc.

Development in this field has reduced mortality rate enhancing human life, increasing its longevity  When it comes to enhancing life there is a current example where in by selecting best embryo from series of photos, live birth may go up from 24% to 78% by using the IVF technique. With development in x ray field it is possible to know the internal structural damage without opening up the body. Troubled heart can be cured with various tests and therapies. When once cancer was no less than man eating devil, today it can be cured with less trouble.   In fact an ambulance is more or less a mini hospital on wheels.   

As far as technology is concerned, there is not much harm but modern medicines in long term can be harmful. These medicines cure a disease faster than ancient medical practices, but they have their equal share of side effects. It is true that due to modern lifestyle creation of new viruses and bacteria have taken place which were earlier not found but that has definitely affected our very life and world. Some medicines have been known to make immune system so vulnerable that one acquires allergies towards those substances that they have been exposed to since childhood with no harm. Evolution in medical field is a miracle in its own way but this evolution does have some loop holes.
Above all this modern health care is no longer just service to humanity it has also evolved as a form of business. Health and medical insurances along with long term beneficial policies have become a common market trend. Every day each newspaper gives health tips and health advisories. For those who cannot reach out to doctors are helped through this method. So journalism too is not behind in revealing the true face of modern health care. Truly modern health care has changed all our lives. it has changed the future of 21st century. And it will continue to do so. It will help man to evolve into a more perfect being, into a more promising being who has the power to change the universe on his terms and condition and modern healthcare is the most promising weapon at our command. 

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Harsh Reality

There is so much to tell but nothing to express. There are noises everywhere but it is the silence that dwells inside. It’s not called loneliness but fear. Fear of breaking down. Fear of letting the emotions flow. It’s so easy to lie every day to everyone. It becomes a habit to lie. It’s because there is darkness inside that is not used to light and afraid to absorb darkness furthermore. Life is complicated to express. You got no one to trust, nobody to share with. It’s strange.

When no one is around you feel safe because you do not have to tolerate those people who are constantly engaged in pulling your self esteem down showing off how better people they are, how insignificant beings we are in front of them. When people take utmost advantage of your innocence, making you feel like you’re an entertainment package of theirs. Then when they are by any chance removed or to be precise are shifted from their comfort zones they bang on your head as if you were supposed to be their slave and how dare you outrun them. How can these people even survive with such attitudes? And the most funny thing is that these people are the who are more  likely to be preferred as friends, as interest gainers , thought to be worthy than us by others.

Life is so unfair.  The one who is innocent and benevolent is crushed at the mean behavior of the others.  Why can’t I just go out and breathe? Why people I encounter every time are always the same in context to their nature towards me? Isn’t that the same question that circles your mind when someone makes you feel insignificant and the one worthy to be ignored? When they use you to most ruthless extent with that untrustworthy similes on their faces and then throw you like the trash they regret to have collected? When they make you feel as if you were the heaviest burden of the planet.

But these aren’t the most common friends that you find. Now you will find friends that smile with you, follow each and every footstep, seek opportunity when they can gain and help you lose everything you have. They are ones to be stayed away from. They are enemies in the deceiving attire of friends. Known enemies are better than such friendly poisons.

Have you ever felt the same or close to it?

Finally back here after a long leave from writing, missed both writing and reading hopefully won’t run away this time round.