Friday, March 6, 2015

Look Up to Inspiration, Look Up to Optimism

“A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity; an opportunist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” 

I wonder how Winston Churchill came up with these inspirational words!!! Whenever I hear the word optimism it reminds me of people like Anne Frank, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Gandhi, etc. but you must be thinking how I relate all of this with my life. Right? Don’t worry. They don’t, but an unknown boy does. Who I never knew. And will never get a chance to know. The saddest part is I don’t even know his name. I know absolutely nothing about him. Except for one thing, of how he died.  And that is a story I shall never forget. It is something that changed my way of thinking completely, from inside out.

I was in 9th standard. Our class teacher was teaching us a chapter. I don’t remember the exact details of that lecture except for that story. In fact I don’t even remember why she shared that story that with us.

She said, “The story is about a boy who was in 10 this year, just a year older than you all. 6 months before his board exams he was diagnosed with blood cancer, last stage. The Doctor said he just had last 6 months of his life remaining. And that he needed complete bed rest. His entire family was devastated. The boy knew that there was no point in giving board exams but he was adamant to appear. To fulfill his dying son’s last wish, his mother ran here and there and somehow arranged for notes so that he could study. He gave his exams. And soon he breathed his last…… he didn’t even live to see his results. But he scored around 77% and that his mother proudly showed the result to all with tears in her eyes.”

The moral was not how much he scored, but was the spirit of that dying boy. He knew that his death was eminent but his optimism knew no bounds.  There was a brief moment of silence in class at that time.

And today, when I feel low, broken or shattered, I always remember that boy. He may be physically absent today but in my memory, he shall forever remain. He is my symbol of optimism. I never knew him but when I am about to give up, his memory guides me.

I am not a very big Harry Potter fan but I’m awed by J.K. Rowling. She too sometimes becomes my symbol of optimism.  Unlike her if it were me, 12 rejections would have made me given up forever. But she didn’t she strived hard, didn’t lose hope and treaded the dark to finally find light.
Courtesy my sister who’s a big HP fan, I’ve seen all Harry Potter movies and read the novels, and that reminds me of a quote that is now one of my favorites.

They are the wise words by Albus Dumbledore, “Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times if only one remembers to turn on the light.”

And that boy is my light, my source of optimism someone I look up to.  

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Saturday, November 29, 2014


      Aren't evolution and revolution the basic fundamental pillars that support the survival of humanity? To most of you this statement is paradox; but think deeply and learn from the history.
Mankind was never better until it evolved from its ruins and entered in a new era with the revolution started by one man. It was that one man who raised his voice against the wrongful deeds of others to make a better tomorrow.

         Today there are thousands of issues that need to be brought to light. But lets start from the most basic and highly crucial issues such as that of hygiene and cleanliness. Many of us face situations in everyday life which force us to live in conditions not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. A huge pile of garbage lying alongside road or pavement that invites entire colony of mosquitoes and a foul smell that is hard to bear. And this is a common sitting in non-commercial areas or to be precise in residential areas. All thanks go to those municipal workers who are lethargic towards their jobs. Yes sometimes there are genuine problems that can be considered once or twice but this is an everyday issue. Intolerable to many but harmful for all. We can't make people work but surely make the officials well aware of the fact how under their surveillance the work is going on.

          But a question lingers in mind. Why complain about irresponsible workers and officials when we ourselves are cause of this social issue? I have seen people eating chips and throwing wrapper on road even when a bin is provided for the same. People throwing stuff from windows of train.
I have made a rule for myself not to pollute environment by adopting simple rules such as always using a bin for discarding waste and if it is not available right now, carry it in bag and discard properly when I reach home. I also make sure my friends do it. but when I ask some stranger to do so politely, I get strange looks or "mind your own business" type of statements.

         Its time all this stops. people need to realize that change begins the moment when we decide to change ourselves. When we do the right thing and raise our voice against the wrong. But this need not involve violence and rallies and all. We are modern people with new ideas. And I loved the idea of spreading this message which "ab montu bolega"site has adopted. #AbMontuBolega

        Its true, now no more living under the sky of fear. We people have the greatest power to change anything that is a hurdle to a better us and a better tomorrow.

 You can view the wonderful website and the video over here, as well as Strepsils on Facebook andTwitter.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Health is Wealth

Memories stay with us, and if they are concerning our family and friends then it's hard to forget them. I remember my grandmother saying "Health is Wealth" and health goes a long way to ensure our happiness. This reminds me of a childhood memory of mine and I always tell this to all my friends whenever they neglect their food and are running behind being thin and skinny; in the process losing becoming weak.

I was in my 5th std and being the outdoor kid I was, I played a lot and had trouble staying indoors. Hide & Seek, Kabbadi, throwball with my elder sister and so many more. But my neighbour and friend Afreen was the opposite, she never played for more than 30 minutes. Or rather could not. Whenever we went out to play with our other friends she would easily get tired and take heavy breaths sometimes she even blacked out. The first time this happened I started crying and her parents had to rush her to the nearest hospital.

It was frightening for a 10 year old child like me, I was worried and afraid of what had happened to her. I tried to ask my parents what happened but all they said was she is weak and on medicines. That was the last time she played with us outdoors. Constantly on medicines and trips to doctors left her parents worry about her, yet there was nothing that improved her. Calcium and vitamin pills, somehow none of those worked on her. Along with her family even I was worried, suddenly the happiness of her home turned to gloom and sadness; she being my neighbour it affected us too. I remember my mother forcefully making me and my sister drink milk even when we didn't want to.

Days passed like this and we were a year older, it was at that time that her father got transferred to another city and we lost touch. There was no change in her health and what happened thereafter was a mystery to me. I obviously grew up but could never forget her. there was always a worry and a question, Is she alright? and How is she? Sadly we didn't have a phone then so when they shifted they nor we could contact them but she was always in my prayers.

Last year though I made a facebook profile (read forced to make by my elder sis, they are such a pain at times ) never mind that, I guess that was the best thing she made me do. 7 long years later I met Afreen, or rather she found me. Thanks to facebook! I couldn't believe my eyes the same skinny weak girl now looked like a beautiful girl and yes, healthy!

Unable to contain my curiosity I asked her how and when? It was then that she told me how, when they shifted to the small town a local doctor recommended Dabur Chyawanprash. He told that when everything fails ayurveda doesn't and Chyawanprash is not only full of ayurvedic herbs it is also tried and tested. And in less than 6 months she was up and about, playing running with all the weakness gone. It was like a miracle, and till date she has Chyawanprash as it is the best source of nutrients.

I was really happy for her, it was like Chyawanprash got the lost happiness not only in her family but also in mine. And listening to her, I now recommend it to everyone and eat it myself too, as I realized one should not take their health lightly .

You can check out the Chyawanprash she recommended to me..



Sunday, September 21, 2014

Listen to your Heart

Why does everyone always neglect me?
Why don't they feel the pain they cause me..
Why am I treated as a burden?
O why does everyone use my innocence against me..

Why people hate me and think I'm worthless for anything?
Why do they always accuse me to be wrong..
Why do they think I'm the only trouble maker ever born?
O why do they behave as I'm a weight stooping their shoulders down..

Why are there false accusation on me while that of others are flattery and truth?
Why am I the target of ruthless, cunning, hateful and selfish motives of others..
Why is that my voice is quietened even when all I do is plead and shout?
O why does everyone feel I'm naught but useless and paltry?

I'm pretty sure questions like these and many more might have haunted your nights and days. It feels like evil has taken command on the clear blue skies and the wrath is simply falling. The rains too pour hard on you while the shimmering sunlight shines on everyone else.

But my question is...why do you feel low? Is it because everyone treats you that way or is it you, who treats yourself in an unpleasant manner?

Let me, help you to see inside yourself. Explore the soul that resides in you. Travel through the gushing gulfs that define you. Touch your feelings and touch the power in you. Let me, help you to embark on a journey to find the greatest treasure of all eternity, the brightest side of you hidden by a darkened cloud that binds you. Come, let me help you.

Trust me when I say this, you are not merely sand and water, You are a complex mixture of simple emotions, A bold personality hidden by shyness that is ruling over you. You have blended so much in the material world that it's difficult to find the real you. You maybe the master of success and art, of fiction and of true love; but you have reached nowhere, you are strangled in the middle of the sky. On the way to become like someone else, you have long forgotten the real you. You have become selfish and new.

I've heard this saying, "All the water of sea can't sink a ship until it gets inside the ship." So why let anyone hurt you? You are the master of your own judgement. You are both the king and the queen of your own heart. Why let anyone make you a slave?

There was a time when people said, "All bad comes with a price" today they say, "All good comes with a price." Please don't tell me this discourages you from listening to your inner voice.

The world is beautiful and has wonderful things to offer, look at the little buds no matter what weather they always bloom.


Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black Fantasy

         Blazing black is amazing. Colour of strength and dedication and that of solid accomplishment. There are a few items i want to own in black that would describe the dreamy me. A fairy tale character with a modern twist. Just think of snow white in a black gown wearing a black tiara and coupled with modern style black Gucci clutch..... And there stands the evil queen holding a black wand ready to cast her spell from her magical spell e-book which is an app and which also acts as her magical mirror, black blackberry touchscreen mobile. Fun, isn't it? A complete fairy tale with a twist:D Yep, that's what my black aura is all about...... 


It's a bit odd to step out of house wearing a gown today. Only theme party or function of some sort can give us a chance to look like a princes. Well, a beauty in black is the glittering star of the evening. A designer gown is a dream. I may not be a real princes but surely i can give an evening when i can treat myself as one. A perfect black gown for a perfect evening. And i'm snow white throwing my own annual ball.  

A gown may not make me a real princes but a tiara can. After all snow white has to take the throne...
All and all, jewels always compliment you. A tiara to pride and leadership. A black tiara means "DON'T TRY TO MESS WITH ME" After all power has its privileges. And an entire realm bowing in front of me is definitely something. 
p.s. I may sound like the evil queen but i'm snow white:D


I'm the modern snow white and can't keep things in pockets of my gown and cloak. As a fairy tale princess it is first most important duty to make a style statement. What better can the world of clutches provide me than a black Gucci one. With palladium hardware and leather lining and crystal interlocking G detail, it best describes my wardrobe style.


The good times of snow white(mine) are over and the evil queen makes her entry to the ball:(  And  in what better way will she trouble the poor princes than by using her dark, evil, black wand????? And then after looking at how much snow's subjects are loving her party and bowing in front of her, the evil queen reaches out for her wand and then..........
what happens then is a twist


 Along with her wand she reaches out for her blackberry in black to cast a spell but the magic mirror interrupts in between just to mention that snow white is looking more beautifully evil in her black attire than the evil queen herself. And that's when she decides to back off and come back again in more black and better than ever leaving snow white behind....

I know it's not much of a good story but its my version of what the black fairy tail. What do you think???                                 


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