Sunday, November 23, 2014

Health is Wealth

Memories stay with us, and if they are concerning our family and friends then it's hard to forget them. I remember my grandmother saying "Health is Wealth" and health goes a long way to ensure our happiness. This reminds me of a childhood memory of mine and I always tell this to all my friends whenever they neglect their food and are running behind being thin and skinny; in the process losing becoming weak.

I was in my 5th std and being the outdoor kid I was, I played a lot and had trouble staying indoors. Hide & Seek, Kabbadi, throwball with my elder sister and so many more. But my neighbour and friend Afreen was the opposite, she never played for more than 30 minutes. Or rather could not. Whenever we went out to play with our other friends she would easily get tired and take heavy breaths sometimes she even blacked out. The first time this happened I started crying and her parents had to rush her to the nearest hospital.

It was frightening for a 10 year old child like me, I was worried and afraid of what had happened to her. I tried to ask my parents what happened but all they said was she is weak and on medicines. That was the last time she played with us outdoors. Constantly on medicines and trips to doctors left her parents worry about her, yet there was nothing that improved her. Calcium and vitamin pills, somehow none of those worked on her. Along with her family even I was worried, suddenly the happiness of her home turned to gloom and sadness; she being my neighbour it affected us too. I remember my mother forcefully making me and my sister drink milk even when we didn't want to.

Days passed like this and we were a year older, it was at that time that her father got transferred to another city and we lost touch. There was no change in her health and what happened thereafter was a mystery to me. I obviously grew up but could never forget her. there was always a worry and a question, Is she alright? and How is she? Sadly we didn't have a phone then so when they shifted they nor we could contact them but she was always in my prayers.

Last year though I made a facebook profile (read forced to make by my elder sis, they are such a pain at times ) never mind that, I guess that was the best thing she made me do. 7 long years later I met Afreen, or rather she found me. Thanks to facebook! I couldn't believe my eyes the same skinny weak girl now looked like a beautiful girl and yes, healthy!

Unable to contain my curiosity I asked her how and when? It was then that she told me how, when they shifted to the small town a local doctor recommended Dabur Chyawanprash. He told that when everything fails ayurveda doesn't and Chyawanprash is not only full of ayurvedic herbs it is also tried and tested. And in less than 6 months she was up and about, playing running with all the weakness gone. It was like a miracle, and till date she has Chyawanprash as it is the best source of nutrients.

I was really happy for her, it was like Chyawanprash got the lost happiness not only in her family but also in mine. And listening to her, I now recommend it to everyone and eat it myself too, as I realized one should not take their health lightly .

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