Saturday, November 29, 2014


      Aren't evolution and revolution the basic fundamental pillars that support the survival of humanity? To most of you this statement is paradox; but think deeply and learn from the history.
Mankind was never better until it evolved from its ruins and entered in a new era with the revolution started by one man. It was that one man who raised his voice against the wrongful deeds of others to make a better tomorrow.

         Today there are thousands of issues that need to be brought to light. But lets start from the most basic and highly crucial issues such as that of hygiene and cleanliness. Many of us face situations in everyday life which force us to live in conditions not conducive to a healthy lifestyle. A huge pile of garbage lying alongside road or pavement that invites entire colony of mosquitoes and a foul smell that is hard to bear. And this is a common sitting in non-commercial areas or to be precise in residential areas. All thanks go to those municipal workers who are lethargic towards their jobs. Yes sometimes there are genuine problems that can be considered once or twice but this is an everyday issue. Intolerable to many but harmful for all. We can't make people work but surely make the officials well aware of the fact how under their surveillance the work is going on.

          But a question lingers in mind. Why complain about irresponsible workers and officials when we ourselves are cause of this social issue? I have seen people eating chips and throwing wrapper on road even when a bin is provided for the same. People throwing stuff from windows of train.
I have made a rule for myself not to pollute environment by adopting simple rules such as always using a bin for discarding waste and if it is not available right now, carry it in bag and discard properly when I reach home. I also make sure my friends do it. but when I ask some stranger to do so politely, I get strange looks or "mind your own business" type of statements.

         Its time all this stops. people need to realize that change begins the moment when we decide to change ourselves. When we do the right thing and raise our voice against the wrong. But this need not involve violence and rallies and all. We are modern people with new ideas. And I loved the idea of spreading this message which "ab montu bolega"site has adopted. #AbMontuBolega

        Its true, now no more living under the sky of fear. We people have the greatest power to change anything that is a hurdle to a better us and a better tomorrow.

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