Sunday, September 21, 2014

Listen to your Heart

Why does everyone always neglect me?
Why don't they feel the pain they cause me..
Why am I treated as a burden?
O why does everyone use my innocence against me..

Why people hate me and think I'm worthless for anything?
Why do they always accuse me to be wrong..
Why do they think I'm the only trouble maker ever born?
O why do they behave as I'm a weight stooping their shoulders down..

Why are there false accusation on me while that of others are flattery and truth?
Why am I the target of ruthless, cunning, hateful and selfish motives of others..
Why is that my voice is quietened even when all I do is plead and shout?
O why does everyone feel I'm naught but useless and paltry?

I'm pretty sure questions like these and many more might have haunted your nights and days. It feels like evil has taken command on the clear blue skies and the wrath is simply falling. The rains too pour hard on you while the shimmering sunlight shines on everyone else.

But my question is...why do you feel low? Is it because everyone treats you that way or is it you, who treats yourself in an unpleasant manner?

Let me, help you to see inside yourself. Explore the soul that resides in you. Travel through the gushing gulfs that define you. Touch your feelings and touch the power in you. Let me, help you to embark on a journey to find the greatest treasure of all eternity, the brightest side of you hidden by a darkened cloud that binds you. Come, let me help you.

Trust me when I say this, you are not merely sand and water, You are a complex mixture of simple emotions, A bold personality hidden by shyness that is ruling over you. You have blended so much in the material world that it's difficult to find the real you. You maybe the master of success and art, of fiction and of true love; but you have reached nowhere, you are strangled in the middle of the sky. On the way to become like someone else, you have long forgotten the real you. You have become selfish and new.

I've heard this saying, "All the water of sea can't sink a ship until it gets inside the ship." So why let anyone hurt you? You are the master of your own judgement. You are both the king and the queen of your own heart. Why let anyone make you a slave?

There was a time when people said, "All bad comes with a price" today they say, "All good comes with a price." Please don't tell me this discourages you from listening to your inner voice.

The world is beautiful and has wonderful things to offer, look at the little buds no matter what weather they always bloom.



  1. Wow! The first time you made me read this I was awed and now reading it refined here has me amazed. :)

    Way to go!!

  2. I dont know if the girl in my poem got any answers but I am sure a lot of people will from this post! Loving yourself is the key to be free of half the issues we face today, but only f that were that easy. Nice write up kiddo! Way to go :)

  3. A post blossoming with hope ... loved it :-)