Sunday, July 27, 2014

Black Fantasy

         Blazing black is amazing. Colour of strength and dedication and that of solid accomplishment. There are a few items i want to own in black that would describe the dreamy me. A fairy tale character with a modern twist. Just think of snow white in a black gown wearing a black tiara and coupled with modern style black Gucci clutch..... And there stands the evil queen holding a black wand ready to cast her spell from her magical spell e-book which is an app and which also acts as her magical mirror, black blackberry touchscreen mobile. Fun, isn't it? A complete fairy tale with a twist:D Yep, that's what my black aura is all about...... 


It's a bit odd to step out of house wearing a gown today. Only theme party or function of some sort can give us a chance to look like a princes. Well, a beauty in black is the glittering star of the evening. A designer gown is a dream. I may not be a real princes but surely i can give an evening when i can treat myself as one. A perfect black gown for a perfect evening. And i'm snow white throwing my own annual ball.  

A gown may not make me a real princes but a tiara can. After all snow white has to take the throne...
All and all, jewels always compliment you. A tiara to pride and leadership. A black tiara means "DON'T TRY TO MESS WITH ME" After all power has its privileges. And an entire realm bowing in front of me is definitely something. 
p.s. I may sound like the evil queen but i'm snow white:D


I'm the modern snow white and can't keep things in pockets of my gown and cloak. As a fairy tale princess it is first most important duty to make a style statement. What better can the world of clutches provide me than a black Gucci one. With palladium hardware and leather lining and crystal interlocking G detail, it best describes my wardrobe style.


The good times of snow white(mine) are over and the evil queen makes her entry to the ball:(  And  in what better way will she trouble the poor princes than by using her dark, evil, black wand????? And then after looking at how much snow's subjects are loving her party and bowing in front of her, the evil queen reaches out for her wand and then..........
what happens then is a twist


 Along with her wand she reaches out for her blackberry in black to cast a spell but the magic mirror interrupts in between just to mention that snow white is looking more beautifully evil in her black attire than the evil queen herself. And that's when she decides to back off and come back again in more black and better than ever leaving snow white behind....

I know it's not much of a good story but its my version of what the black fairy tail. What do you think???                                 


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